The NuWave 9″ Frying Pan With Lid Is Now Available In A Mega Discount Package With The Popular 3 QT Saucepan + Lid

$89.97 (as of July 3, 2017, 11:08 pm) $39.99

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Cooking – NuWave cookware is easy to handle and makes cooking easy all the way.

Storing -These handy tools will soon become your best friend in the kitchen, they need little maintenance and very little space so your counters and cabinets will remain, clutter-free.

Maintaining – Made from high quality materials, these are easy to maintain even with regular use for a long time.

The 9″ pan – This stainless steel pan is induction ready and can be used on the stovetop too.

The 3 QT saucepan + lid – This handy and useful cookware can help make an array of dishes.

Package includes –

9-inch Stainless Steel NuWave DuralonTM Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan With Lid

3-quart DuralonTM Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan With Premium Tempered Glass Lid

Small and compact – Both the 9″ Pan and the 3 QT Saucepan are perfect for occasions when you need to cook in smaller batches.
Light and hardy – While they are lightweight and easy to handle, they are also incredibly hardy and last long.
Safe and healthy – Free from harmful chemicals and equipped with healthy ceramic coating, these are good for users and the environment too.
Cooking and cleaning – Cooking is so much easier with these handy cookware sets and cleaning after that is a breeze.
Storing and maintaining – They take up little space and help keep your kitchen super neat.