Cevinee™ 10,000 Strikes 5 in 1 Thicker-version Survival Firesteel Magnesium Rod Fire Starter Kits with Emergency Whistle – Black

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Cevinee product, lights up your life in subtlety.

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Cevinee product, lights up your life in subtlety.

Main features
– No mountain man would go into the woods without a dependable fire starter.
– The Survival Fire Starter Kit also comes in handy at home. Great for lighting BBQ’s, Chimneys and makes a great replacement for fireplace matches.
– The Survival Fire Starter Kit is extremely easy to use. Ultra Intense and Hot sparks will work well with any kindling.
– Very lightweight and compact, easy to store.
– Ultrahigh intensity sparks will fire up under any weather conditions or Altitude.
– The Survival Fire Starter Kit lasts for up to 10000 Strikes.

Great For
* Preppers – Because you never know when you might need it.
* Campers – Start a fire anywhere at any time.
* Survival Situations – When you must have a fire for warmth and light.
* Hikers – When your hike doesn’t end back at camp.

About Magnesium fire starter
Magnesium is highly flammable and can start fires even in wet and damp environments. Yet it’s safe enough to carry with you everywhere you go. It is only flammable when in shaving form and lights easily with the flint/steel sparks from the striker that are eight times hotter than matches. The amount of magnesium in this fire starter will last for hundreds of fires and most importantly will work to start a fire when you need it the most.

For long time storage, every magnesium rod has a thin black oxide-protective film, so please clean it before using at first time.

Seller words
Dear customer, if you for any reason are not happy with any product supplied by Cevinee, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to solve your problem ASAP!

Package includes
1 x 5 in 1 Fire Starter Kits
5 tools in one: Thicker Magnesium Rod, Steel Toothed Flint Cutter, Loud Emergency Whistle, Practical Bottle Opener and Scale Ruler.
Magnesium Rod: Lasts for 10,000 strikes. Highly flammable while shaving and safe enough to take with.
Produces a bright and intense sparks to light the kindling in any weather or altitude and the lightening sparks may also be a signal while in emergency at night.
Not only for outdoor survival, can this fire starter also handy at home. Great for lighting BBQ’s, Chimneys and makes a great replacement for fireplace matches.
Ideal for indoor & outdoor activities, Campfire, Grills, Hiking, Hunting, Military, Rescue. Anywhere and any weather, when you need a fire, this fire starter would be a nice handy and reliable tool.